Fri, July 18


Mukesh Mama, Amit, and Diksha drove over to Joburg to drop me off at Meera’s today. I always feel right at home with Indu kaka and Lata kaki. And this evening, I just chilled with Meera and Shailan–who are a poster couple for ‘the real deal,’ might I add–and a bottle of wine.

After this week, I’ve also realized that organizing with the public health system here is going to be slow, and I might not have enough time (or background research, admittedly) to do some research exactly the way I had wanted to. But I think that seeing the way public health institutions work (clinics and hospitals) and solidifying a topic are more reachable goals for the purpose of this trip. I mean seriously, how often do I get to see this part of my family? Now that I’m here, I’m blown away by how much I’ve missed being all the way across the Atlantic. So this will be a trip with two purposes, after all.


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