Going to Camp at 22


While T-Swizz belts about the freedom of being 22, I launch my 22nd year with….summer camp. Yep. My very first “Parent Trap”-like sleep away camp experience. And what it has consisted of so far?

S’mores and campfire

Campfire songs

Campfire games

Lifeguard training…for 3 days…

…and the first in-service of buddy drills and rescue boards (during which Amos, my victim, died multiple times)

Ice breakers


Frisbee. Lots of frisbee.

Food! Like tots…

…and pb&j

Sentimental items and a heart to heart

And speed dating! (Which was super informative)

Slounge (aka staff lounge)


Sunburn (red Ross)


21st century skills

Lesson plans

Camp hand slapping things


A mashup of Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith

And love. Lots of love.


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